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About Us

About Us

亚博电竞官网官网中心 County’s Close-to-Home Hospital

Residents of small communities often have to drive long distances when they need high-quality medical care. This makes it difficult and costly for them to receive the services they need. At 亚博电竞官网官网中心 General, we are proud to provide a variety of advanced medical services to the people of 亚博电竞官网官网中心 County and the surrounding areas in a convenient, close to home location.

亚博电竞官网官网中心 General has been serving the community, on Holland Avenue, since 1963. Our hospital began providing basic medical care services, but in the last decade we have heavily invested into our technology and staff to provide a more comprehensive healthcare experience. While we still provide basic services like health screenings and preventive care, we also offer more advanced services like physical therapy and minimally invasive surgeries. We strive to provide our community with convenient and cost-effective access to medical care when you need it most.


To advance the health of the community we serve by providing value-centered, excellent care.


To be the trusted healthcare choice valued for leadership and dedication to excellence.


  • Compassion and Courtesy
  • Achieving Excellence
  • Resources Used Wisely
  • Integrity
  • New Ideas
  • Growing Together

Our Locations

While you're busy planning your family's life, couldn't you use a little help planning your family's health? At 亚博电竞官网官网中心 General, we are growing our family of providers to help you meet the ever changing and demanding needs you have in order to keep your family healthy and well.

With convenient locations, more physicians, specialty services and even an urgent care center ready to provide you with fast care without the emergency room wait, you can count on 亚博电竞官网官网中心 General. Visit each of our clinic pages and discover what 亚博电竞官网官网中心 General's team of professional and caring physicians can do to help you and your family.

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